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I, Linda Greco, have been training and showing dogs for 40+years. I was introduced to the Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd and knew this was a the dog I was passionate enough to breed. A breed that deserves committed breeders and families to represent this magnificent dog 


My husband and I live in California on a 5 acre dog training facility. We have two grown children but our animals are our hobby and family. We have been dog, actually, animal enthusiasts and advocates since childhood. As a teenager I knew I wanted to breed dogs. Finding a breed that I was passionate about to breed turned into a few decades pursuit. We did a lot of animal rescue as we were raising our human children. We fostered and re-homed kittens, dogs and a horse. We rescued and kept a White German Shepherd in 1986. (See surrounding pictures) Magnum was his name and he was the most amazing nanny dog. He was always to be found around the boys.

Our BBS are shown in conformation and are trained in obedience, herding and Nosework.

I'm a obedience trainer for the Hollywood Dog Obedience Club. My dog training experience started when I was 15 yrs old, mentored by one of the world renown trainers, Fon Johnson. He impressed upon me that only the finest dogs should be bred. Bred to the standard. My goal is to promote the BBS in the United States that meets the strict criteria of the European Clubs. This commitment is important for the future of the

 Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd in America

Faolan Frost is one of the breeders recognized by FBBSI, the club in Switzerland, that identifies us as breeders of the purebred BBS in compliance with all the registration and lineage regulations.

A status we are very proud of and hope that other breeders begin to follow all the rules.

I'm the founding member, CEO and President of America's Berger Blanc Suisse Club, Inc. This Club represents the Berger Blanc Suisse Dog as they were meant to be represented. According to the rules and registration regulations of the GWS and the FBBSI. Our Club is the first and only Club recognized by the FCI. An honor we hold dearly and worked hard to earn.

The ABBSC, Inc now has dedicated breeder members, BBS owners and BBS enthusiasts listed and hundreds of registered BBS/WSSD. The Club is working hard to get the recognition this breed deserves here in the United States and Canada. A goal where we need your help. Please go to

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