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The Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a FCI recognized breed of dog. This means that this breed is recognized throughout the world. The only countries that have not recognized the Berger Blanc Suisse is the United States and Canada.

Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd


Berger Blanc Suisse of Faolan Frost wants to be a valuable resource to help raise your pup and 

we will always be available to my puppies families. BBS of Faolan Frost will also help BBS owners that purchased from other breeders 

We want to promote this breed here in the States that will have the respect of the FCI Policies.

The dogs we breed will be cleared for health defects regarding hips, elbows, DM, MDR1 and CEA.


Socializing Your Puppy

Your puppy will be very cute but will need training. Think of it as an investment. The more time you spend the better the outcome.

Socialization will be the greatest investment you'll make in giving your pup the tools to become a stable companion for you and/or your family.

Check to see if there are puppy training classes near you for socialization then follow up with taking a novice obedience class.

Smart Start puppy training is available for interested homes that need extra help in starting their pup purchased from me. Please email for details


Breed Versatility

The BBS/WSS is a very intelligent and capable breed. They're athletic and willing to please. If you are considering sporting your dog in obedience, herding , tracking or most any other activities, I believe you will find the BBS a willing companion.

Responsible dog ownership

A responsible dog owner means that you are meeting your dogs needs in health, nutrition and exercise.  You will not let your dog become a nuisance to your neighbors. If your dog is having problems, then you will seeking advice and training to mitigate these problems. I will be available to help advise those who have my dogs

If you take care of your dogs needs, you will have a dog that takes care of you.  A loving partnership.

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