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Family Pet


As a family pet the BBS are a friendly, bright and energetic dog. Typically loves children and other animals. Your BBS will want to be with you and early training will benefit a smooth transition from puppydom to adult dog. The best start for training will come if owner and puppy attend a well organized puppy class and then follow up with group basic obedience class.


These classes should help you develop the skills to train your dog. The socialization alone is worth the cost and time. You will be making the most effective decision to having a fulfilled and successful future with your dog.


If you purchase a puppy from me I will ask that you stay in touch with me on the puppy's progress to adulthood. I want a commitment to join the American Berger Blanc Suisse Club and follow the registration rules of the club. I want my dogs tested whether or not the dog will ever breed. These tests give me the information I need to breed responsibly. Tests I will want are, when the dog is 2 years old, x-ray the hips and elbows to check for quality. A check to see if the dog has all their teeth. MDR1, a drug sensitivity test. DNA is collected for data for the national club in the hopes that this data will help the BBS recognized in the United States by the AKC.



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